No home owner wants to be disappointed and stressed by their kitchen update. I have created a process that protect you against stress of kitchen update and results that are disappointing so that you can have a kitchen that reflects your personality and style.

Have a kitchen you want without any disappointing results

I am driven towards providing home owners with kitchen updates that will not disappoint on what you expect. You will enjoy a process that guarantee you a stress free experience during the update of your kitchen. You will work with a kitchen designer that will manage your time, money, hopes and dreams in order to ensure that you trust and choose what you love for your kitchen. Certified artisans are available to deliver to you the actual kitchen as you have approved it in a 3D design.


Lighting and ceiling

As an electrician I perform numerous electrical related works on homes, ranging from lighting and climate control systems, to communication equipment and thousands of other specific tools and devices. I assemble, install, commission, test, maintain, service and operate electrical systems and equipment from homes and more complex installations. As a master artisan ceiling systems & acoustical Specialist I know the ins and outs of specialty ceilings and acoustical treatment like no one else, and my knowledge can make the difference between a successful project and a costly one.

Floor tiling and plumbing

As a master plumber I install, alter and repair the systems that keep the water and waste disposal systems running in your home, thus providing many of the day-to-day basic amenities. Floor and wall tiling involves laying various types of tiles including Marble, Ceramic and Porcelain. I’m highly trained as master to achieve spectacular results and can work in various locations like bathrooms, kitchens or swimming pool.

Swimming pools

Value; safety, style and functionality are the foundations of what I focus on as I build your swimming pool. As a master there are many ways I carry out swimming pool installation and it depending on your budget, needs plus preferences. Taking these into account, I determine the space available and select the right materials for the job, in order to determine the project’s success. You will need to decide on the area you want your right outdoor swimming to be installed in, whether indoors or outdoors plus structures such as swimming pool beds, chairs and gazebos, can be incorporated into the design, and the swimming pool requirements.


Detailed craftsmanship and professional service is what you get when you have me installing your aluminum windows and doors. As a master I recognize the importance of establishing and maintaining professional and lasting relationships with you as home owner. I understand that you are simply looking for results a home that reflects your success. You require the mastery to show through quality product; service and good communication. Form, function and aesthetic appeal is what your doors and windows will have when I install them.

Dry wall and painting

Drywall gypsum boards are used to create interior walls and divide rooms because of their affordability, versatility and light weight. Like with ceilings, these also play a huge role in your building based on the type of boards used. When choosing me for your drywalls and painting, you can rest assured that you’re getting the job done by a master in this area. My goal is to give you results that will please you.

Kitchens and build-ins

I’m a master carpenter at Newchange Renovation. I build and repair a vast array of structures made of wood, wood-substitutes, concrete and other materials. I assemble and erect forms for concrete, assemble wood and metal frame construction and use plans and instruments to prepare for excavating and shoring. I also direct concrete placement and install exterior and interior finish materials such as siding, doors, windows and cabinets. It is also my job to install floor beams, lay sub-flooring, erect walls and roof systems and fit and install trim from wood. As a master, I am precise to avoid loss from poor management of material that is used in your home.


I want you to know that I understand you want to avoid being stressed and disappointed by the outcome of your kitchen update. My ultimate goal is to give you the kitchen that reflect your style.I ensure this happens by including the following to your bathroom remodel.



When I install your kitchen I also include repairs of up to 1 year after I have finished for free. You can call me any time you need any repairs for your kitchen on the same home for 1 year. This is part of ensuring that you continue to receive ongoing repairs from me that provides you with peace of mind all the time.


I offer full money-back guarantee if I don’t finish all the work you want and attend to your satisfaction all the repairs you need done. My goal is to be with you long after the kitchen has been done. This means I put more importance on the lifestyle you need on your kitchen to support. The Full money back guarantee only applies to first time customers that are using me in their new kitchens installations or remodeling. This benefit is design to give you no regrets when you choose me to for your kitchen as I will deliver it with mastery.

Planning, Design and Execution

New kitchen installation or updating with me comes with carefully planning that ensures proper budget planning is done carefully. You also get 3D designs for your kitchen that will be done to ensure you get what you want from me. I finally ensure that execution is done with discipline that delivers exactly what has been designed.


As a project manager I make sure that everything being done on your home meets your expectations. This prevents wasted materials or labor, and keeps your project on budget. I coordinate the many different tasks and people that make up a project. I also set the standard of quality on your kitchen because I want it to reflect your lifestyle. I keep track of everything that is completed, and ensure that you are 100% satisfied. I'm your single point of contact which ensures your kitchen is completed on time and within budget.

Our customers say

My new kitchen is a dream come true and everything I hoped for. Their entire teams were most helpful every step of the way to bring my dream to reality. Not a day goes by that I don’t step back and say ‘WOW’. I love it so much. If I had to move I would bring my kitchen with me.
Ms Nkosi
"From the beginning the entire experience exceeded our expectations. The attention to detail and frequent communication made the difference to us. To sum it up your systemized approach to document all aspects of a job all the way through to the quality of your personnel made it a clear that we made the right decision in choosing Newchange Renovation."
Mokoena Family
We are delighted with the way our kitchen project was handled. What impressed us the most was the professionalism of the entire company was masterful. Our designer was innovative, approachable and friendly plus providing outstanding service. The final product is stunning - thank you."
Khumalo Family
"Thank you so very much for the help and expertise you provided during our kitchen renovation. Your enthusiasm made this huge project exciting, and the result is stunning. The wonderful craftsmanship of Newchange Kitchen masters, the care and respect shown to my home by you, as well as the superb work you’ve created a beautiful space in my home and it has enhanced the feel and versatility of the entire house. I love my kitchen."
Ms Ntuli